Getting Gitbox to run properly on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

As described in my previous guide, getting Gitbox to run on OS X 10.9 Mavericks, it's been a long time since one of the (once) best OS X Git applications has received an update. The last update dates from Apr 16, 2012. That's almost two and a half years ago!

A few weeks ago, OS X 10.10 arrived and Gitbox did not see any updates during my OS X 10.9 usage period.

To get Gitbox running, all steps from my previous guide remain valid:

  • Remove Gitbox preferences when your main windows doesn't show up.
  • Disable app nap for Gitbox.

To find more information about these steps I gladly forward you to the "Getting Gitbox to run on OS X 10.9 Mavericks" guide.

However, that being said, since I've updated, some new issues seems to be surfacing and a long awaited update of the app seems even more necessary.

The new, extra set of issues the 3 year old Gitbox is experiencing, are related to the user interface refresh of Yosemite. The toolbar and sidebar don't seem to handle the refresh that well.

New GUI issues

The Gitbox toolbar's "Add Repository" button seems to be weirdly positioned to the left, while it should be positioned in the center.

Gitbox Toolbar

In the sidebar, activity indicators don't seem to be prepared for the transparent Yosemite sidebars.

Gitbox Sidebar Spinners

What now?

Although most users would be happy to pay for any update of this application, I have given up hope, and started looking for alternatives.

Right now, the three best git applications on OS X seem to be Sourcetree, Tower and the GitHub Mac app. Please, let me know if I missed other alternatives...

For me, the simplicity of Gitbox was one of the main usage reasons. So for now I seem to be leaning to Tower, which has seen some nice user interface updates in version 2, looks great on Yosemite, and is, in contrary to Gitbox, still under active development.

What about you? What are your issues with Gitbox? Did you switch to another application? Follow me on twitter and let me know!

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