Stripe beta starts rolling out in Belgium

After another day of frustrations with Ogone, one of Belgium's biggest online payment providers, I was thrilled to receive an invitation for the Stripe Belgium beta. It's baffling to really see how big of a clusterfuck the api and web interface of Ogone is when you start to use the Stripe counterparts.

I'm very excited to start using this in my projects because of two main reasons:

An API that gets out of your way

It's one of the baselines on their homepage, and it really is true. They also offer libraries for several languages like Python, Ruby and PHP to start integrating Stripe in your project's code. They even have a Stripe.js library which makes it incredibaly easy to integrate payments on your website.

No monthly/yearly subscription fees

When you want to set up and use an Ogone account, you have to pay a yearly fee depending on the size of your business. So for small webshops/web merchants this can take out a big chunk out of the earnings. Stripe is pretty clear: you pay 2,9% + 30 cents transaction costs for every successfull transaction you make. When you generate a lot of transactions or revenue, you can contact them for a more personalized plan. Simple! And you only have to pay money to Stripe the moment you also start generating money.

Bancontact / Maestro ?

Although Stripe offers a lot of advantages over Ogone, there's one thing Ogone still can provide that Stripe can't: Bancontact / Maestro payments. So if your client wants to accept this payment method, Stripe may not be the option for you. It will be interesting to see if Stripe will plan to support this in a later fase.



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