I'd like to introduce you to Sketch. Sketch is an app that I have been testing this past week. When I first tried to use it a few months ago, the app seemed to crash a lot, but the latest versions became more and more stable...

Sketch is basicly a vector app, focused on creating user interfaces. A lot of the stuff you normaly would do in Photoshop can also be done in Sketch: vector shapes, (rounded corner) rectangles, triangles, lines, text, ...

A lot of my Photoshop annoyances™ have been fixed in Sketch.

  • Beautiful text rendering: Let's face it, text rendering in photoshop sucks. Text in Sketch is displayed just the way it would be displayed in the browser. For me, this is huge, because I believe design is about the content.
  • Copy CSS attributes: You can use the 'copy css attributes' command to copy a shape's border, background gradient or a text field's font, font-size, font-family, line-height stuff right into the clipboard. To achieve this in Photoshop you would need a plugin like CSSHat, but this stuff comes default with Sketch. Assign a keyboard shortcut to the menu item and you can copy CSS attributes at the speed of light.
  • Save for web: The save for web feature has been re-tought in Sketch, and it works with drag and drop. Using the save for web in Photoshop seems weird now.
  • Grids: You can easily setup grids in sketch thanks to the dedicated toolbar button. You can use a regular square grid or you can even use a layout grid that's compatible with the 960grid system. Again, you can do this in Photoshop with a plugin like GuideGuide but this stuff is available in Sketch by default.
  • Multiple fills / borders / shadows: The layer styles window in Photoshop is pretty limited. What if you want would like to add multiple gradient fiels on a certain layer? Or multiple borders? That stuff is not possible without messing around with "container smart objects" as I call them. In Sketch it's perfectly possible to use multple fills, borders, shadows, inner shadows, ... And with the Copy CSS Attributes command everything you define is flawlessly copied into CSS in the blink of an eye.

When I first tried Sketch, the app crashed every five minutes when I tried to use it. And now, I must admit the team has come a long way and improved the latest version a lot.

I'm going to continue my trial and I'm currently finishing a project with it. So far really I like it and I might really consider switching from Photoshop!

If some of the things I described look interesting, I can only encourage you to do so too!

Looks interesting?

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