Git tip: resetting file permissions

I'd like to share a little trick I have been using a lot the last few months.

Have you ever been in the situation where you changed file permissions on some files within a certain git repository and where you'd like to reset the permissions, but you can't use git checkout because you don't want to lose actual changes to the file?

Here's a handy command I found online:

git diff -p \
    | grep -E '^(diff|old mode|new mode)' \
    | sed -e 's/^old/NEW/;s/^new/old/;s/^NEW/new/' \
    | git apply

This script lists all changed permissions with git diff -p (the -p option makes git diff only show permission changes) and then uses some clever UNIX piping to feed a rewritten git diff log to git apply.

You can even create an alias like 'permission-reset' with the following command

git config --global --add alias.permission-reset '!git diff -p | grep -E "^(diff|old mode|new mode)" | sed -e "s/^old/NEW/;s/^new/old/;s/^NEW/new/" | git apply'

After creating this alias you can use git permission-reset to execute the multiple piped commands in one simple, rememberable git commmand.

Looks interesting?

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