Text in Photoshop Tip

A small annoyance

When I was changing text in Photoshop and quickly wanted to switch back to whatever tool I was using before, I was never really able to do this quickly. Using keyboard shortcuts did not work, because I would be typing them, and pressing ENTER also did not work because that would just give me a new line.

So what I needed to do was to use my mouse, click the other tool I wanted to use in the Tools palette and continue my work. This was a small annoyance for me, especially when I was nudging stuff around and I did not want to move my hand over to my mouse and then back to the keyboard.

The solution

So here's a little tip I discovered a while ago: if you want to quit the 'type-mode' and be able to quickly select another tool without using your mouse but by using a keyboard shortcut after you're done changing text, you can press FN + ENTER (or the ENTER key on the numpad if you have a numpad on your keyboard).

By pressing FN + ENTER, you exit the 'type-mode', without using your mouse, making it possible to use the keyboard shortcuts to quickly select another tool from the tools palette!

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