Debugging XHR requests with Safari 6 in Mountian Lion

Since I updated to Mountain Lion, Safari got updated to the latest version: Safari 6. It's faster than Safari 5 and the offline reading lists and ability to open iCloud tabs are nice improvements. However, there is one thing that annoys me: it's no longer possible to see the POST parameters of XHR requests.

Annoys me endlessly when I'm debugging and I find myself switching to Chrome, which has a debug window similar to the one in Safari 5, to see what parameters are passed in the request.

However, the webkit nightlies also feature the new debug window so I guess it's only a matter of time before Chrome also gets this new window.

I hope this gets fixed rather sooner than later. Anyone know a solution or other workaround for this problem? Contact me on twitter!

Update 2014-02-05

This has been fixed in Safari 7 on OS X Mavericks. You'll now be able to see the POST parameters in XHR requests again! Great!

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